BOSS library

BOSS maintains a library of books, magazines and DVDs which can be loaned by current financial members. Please email the secretary if you would like to borrow any items.

Aboriginal People and their Plants, Philip A Clarke, 2007
Australian Aboriginal Culture, Australian National Commission for UNESCO,1973
Aboriginal Words of Australia, Reed, 1979
Low Carbon Diet, a 30 day Program to lose 2000 Kilos, David Gershon, 2008
Chook Wisdom, Earth Garden Books, 2007
More Chook Wisdom, Earth Garden Books, 2011
Green Guide to Recycling, Energy Saving, Conservation in House and Garden, Hanna McAbbot, 1991
Home Aromatherapy, Julia Lawless, 1993
The Bushwalker's Guide to South East Queensland, M Hammond and T Young, 1964
Complete Book of Australian Birds, Readers Digest, 1983
The World's Most Amazing Planet Earth Facts for Kids, Guy Campbell and Mark Devins, 2002
Collins Street Whores, Peter Ralph, 2004
A Revolution in Kindness, Anita Roddick,
Essential Oil Usage Guide Pamphlet, 2012
Common Plants of the Scenic Rim, SRRC
Declared Plants of the Scenic Rim, SRRC
Environmental Weeds of the Gold Coast, Gold Coast City Council
Living in the Scenic Rim, Guide to Sustainable Property Management, SRRC
Weeds of Southern Queensland, The Weed Society of Queensland
A Field Guide to Weeds in Australia, Charles Lamp and Frank Colley, 1976
The Creek in our Backyard, Save our Waterways Now, Inc, 2011
Pest Patrol Activity Book, DEEDI, Queensland Government, 2011
Weedbuster Activity Book, DEEDI, Queensland Government, 2011
A Sustainability Action Plan for Tamborine Mountain, The Tamborine Mountain Sustainability Group, 2011
Garden Escapees become Environmental Weeds, Society for Growing Australian Plants, Bruce Tinworth, 2012
True Green @ Work, Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin
Change the World for Ten Bucks,
Our Choice, A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, Al Gore
Growing without Digging, Esther Dean, 1977
Rich Land Wasteland, How Coal is Killing Australia, Sharyn Munro, 2012
Dirty Fracking Business, Peter Ralph, 2012
What's in your Cosmetics?, Aubrey Hampton, 1995
Art of the Underworld, the Paintings of Dr John H Jackson, 2012
Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery Australian Subtropical Fruit and Nut Tree Catalogue
Australian Organic Gardening Resource Guide, Green Harvest Gardening Supplies,
Our Environment - The Greenhouse Effect and the Ozone Layer, The Courier Mail, Brisbane, 1990
Bicycle Repair Manual, Richard Ballantine and Richard Grant
Greenies in Stilettos, Carolyn Donovan
Changeology, Les Robinson

Aquaponics Made Easy, Murray Hallum, 2009
Aquaponics Secrets, Murray Hallum, 2010
The Power of Community, How Cuba survived Peak Oil
The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard, 2007
Useful Books, Part 1 and 2
An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, 2006
2012 Time for Change, Joao Amorim
The Economics of Happiness, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick and John Page
Gasland, Josh Fox
Promised Land, CSG Mining Industry USA, Matt Damon
Bimblebox, Australian Coal Industry,
Independent Experts, Knitting Nannas Against Gas
Rooted Lands (USA), Hispanic Rural Villages of Mora and San Migual Counties, New Mexico
CSG Exposed, The People Vs CSG, Kerry Blockade - The Final Stand
Fractured Country, An Unconventional Invasion, Lock the Gate +
Undermining Australia, Coal Vs Communities,  Lock the Gate

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