Wednesday, September 8, 2010

rubbish free lunch competition

Students who have participated in the Madame Mulch waste education sessions are invited to contribute their best ideas about reducing waste by describing the choices and actions you can make to achieve a ‘rubbish free lunch’.

In 100 words or less, write the story of how you actually came to have a healthy, delicious lunch that you took to school. Decide what food you could have in your lunchbox – things that have a minimum of packaging, so that the end result after eating your lunch is rubbish free. Describe the plan of what you wanted to eat, then discuss your choices with your parents about buying no packaging foods or food with packaging that can be composted or recycled rather than being thrown into the rubbish bin to go to land fill. Here is a chance for a student to win and take home the desktop mini recycling wheelie bin that has been held at your school since Madame Mulch presented information sessions on composting and recycling.

The competition is running across the eleven local schools around the Boonah region. There'll also be an overall winner who will be awarded a great prize of a cap made from five recycled plastic bottles and a book called One Planet Living, A Guide to Enjoying Life on Our One Planet.

Email entries to by this Friday September 10.

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