Saturday, November 6, 2010

scenic rim local food supply chain research

have you ever stopped to think where the food you buy every day comes from? Who produced it and how? How it was transported to the place where you bought it? How many hands were involved in getting your food from the farm gate to your plate?

see the sustainable scenic rim website for the full story on how the Scenic Rim Regional Council is thinking beyond today and considering how it might support innovation and diversification in the food production area. To help achieve this goal, Southern Cross University has been commissioned to undertake research that will help understand the regular food buying habits of the local community, the food service sector and food retailers as well as what farmers are producing now and potentially could produce into the future.

if you are a local resident of the Scenic Rim region and you buy food for home or eat out in local venues/restaurants and cafes please complete the local consumer survey.

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