BOSS plant stall

thanks to our great members nikki, dave and barb, the BOSS plant stall is available all year round and not only at our World Environment Day Festivals.

plants are regularly restocked with quite a variety of herbs, flowers, edibles and broms. worm tea is also available.

you'll find it next door to the Mt Alford School of Arts in the main street of Mt Alford. Just look for the gorgeous scarecrow.

please drop by if you’d like some well priced plants, and feel free to donate pots, cuttings, seedlings or plants to be sold on the stall with funds raised coming back to BOSS.

we're continuing to have regular working bees to help pot up lots more plants for the stall, as well as poo collecting trips etc.

our next get together will be Sunday 18 October where we'll collect some cow pats and then have a bite to eat and a meeting. 
old tables, benches, planks of wood or fencing mesh are always welcomed and are helpful to put the plants on.

feel free to drop donations at the plant stall or we may be able to arrange to come and collect.

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  1. Saturday the 29th and Sunday 30th of March we will be holding a Working Bee at the BOSS Plant Stall in Mt Alford between 3-5pm. Feel free to join us on whichever day suits you best. Bring a plate if you wish and a cold drink and gloves if you wish. We have everything here necessary to get started...soil, pots, plants, tools.