renewable energy group

The Renewable Energy Group (REG) is a BOSS subcommittee focusing on renewable energy for Boonah. 

The group is looking to
  • reduce the dependence on fossil fuels in Boonah for our electricity,
  • support community groups and private investors to switch to solar hot water and electricity, and to
  • specifically present an alternative to coal seam gas as an energy source.
Members of the subcommittee attended the Community Energy Congress in Canberra in June 2014, and have started focusing their attentions on working with the Boonah Disability Support Group and the Hydrotherapy Pool (now known as the Scenic Rim Aqua Fitness Centre).

The group have funded a professional Energy Audit with Trevor Berrill from Solaris Sustainable Homes.

Trevor presented his detailed report to the hydrotherapy pool committee and BOSS members on Monday 17 November 2014.

The Energy Audit and the associated presentation are available for viewing online. It identifies ways to help reduce ongoing energy costs.

The team will now look to implementing appropriate strategies and working through the recommendations.

Carolyn Cave, Bernice Dover, Mavis Brook, Brian Whitby and far right John O'Brien and Rod Travis from the Hydro Pool Committee with Martin Moesker, BOSS and Trevor Berrill, sustainability auditor.
Subcommittee members include Martin Moesker, Rob Davies and Joanna Kestevan.

Currently, fundraising is funding insulation for the concrete pool walls.

We'd love some more members to help with fundraising, working bees and technical support. Everyone is welcome. Just get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

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